5-Day Hands-on Program for Success!

We will teach you how to tint - not just show you how!


The 5-day schedule provides plenty of time to become familiar with all different types of installations on side windows and rear windows for students of any skill level.  With a limit of two to three students per class, we are able to customize our training to meet your needs. 


Side Windows
  • Micro edging and borderless, shaved edges
  • using patterns for an exact fit
  • Tinting basic windows without using patterns
  • Windows that pop open or have hinges
  • Tinting without removing door panels
  • Prevent peeling
  • Proper cleaning methods
Rear Windows
  • Once piece curved rear windows
  • handling large pieces of tint by yourself
  • difficult rear windows with black dot edges and rubber edges
  • proper cleaning techniques
With limited class size, now is the time to make your reservation!  Click here for complete information on our Window Tint School.

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