This DVD is perfect for the beginner to “Break Down the Barriers” in learning auto window tinting.  So many problems you encounter in learning how to tint are solved in this 90 minute lesson!  We teach you two ways to apply window film on rollup door windows and how to heat form them to fit the window.  You also will learn how to double cut the pattern on door or quarter glass to save you time during installation. Side quarter set windows will be a snap after viewing this lesson. 
Rear windows with compound curve are tinted easily in one piece after we take the mystery out of this job!  The DVD shows the complete job from start to finish!  Cleaning, cutting patterns that fit, using soap to heat form, reverse rolling the rear window and using corner pressure points are just a few of the things we teach you.  This DVD is full of helpful tips to make the job easier!
Breaking Down Barriers DVD
Price: $40.00 
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