Hello, my name is Stan Foster. I own AUTOWINDOWTINTINGS.COM. This is a new name for a much older company! My wife and I have been lucky enough to live our dream of working together in our own business since 1977. Our first business was a storefront window cleaning business located in the "green country" of northeast Oklahoma. As we made our rounds servicing different accounts, the managers started asking about window film. This relatively new product was rapidly gaining popularity as the best way to reduce the amount of heat coming through building and home windows. Sales started to skyrocket! Now we had two high profit services too offer. Business was booming-with our window cleaning customers wanting tinting and new tinting customers wanting their windows cleaned. Each part of the business was building on the other! By 1980 our business had grown tremendously. The size of accounts grew from small storefronts with four or five windows, to high-rise buildings with hundreds of windows. It was during this time we started to install film designed for plate glass on auto windows. With the great custom look and protection from the sun window tinting gave the customer's auto, business again took a tremendous leap! Profits from auto tinting were greater than high-rise window cleaning with much less liability and stress. By 1983 we had sold our window cleaning business and made auto tinting our main product.


Over the years we have changed, our business has changed, and the film industry has changed. All of the major film manufactures now offer tinting specifically designed for auto applications. Scratch resistant laminates, exotic metalized coatings, heat forming capabilities, high temperature adhesive systems, security films and now clear spectrally selective high performance films are just a few improvements that change has brought over the years. The way we install these new products has also changed dramatically! By today's standards some of the techniques used two years ago are extremely outdated, while some techniques used twenty years ago are still considered the best method. With all this change over the years three things that will always be of the up most importance to us have remained constant. One is that we are still thriving in the business, two, the industry continues to grow at a very healthy rate and three, after all these years auto window tinting continues to have one of the highest profit ratios of any product we have ever investigated.