We designed our "Money by the Minute" Fast Track DVD Window Tint Training Program for those who cannot attend our hands on training.... This 14 DVD Video set, each DVD is approximately 1 hour long. It is modeled after our hands on training here in Portland. These videos are designed for you to train at your own pace and on your schedule! The DVD class is taught the exact way we teach our hands on training! With 14 DVD's each step needed to build your skills and future is laid out with a clear detailed classroom demonstration and followed by examples of the step being used in a shop situation! The shop examples give you a head start at improving your skills by showing you how different window tinters with different levels of skill are handling the same job that you are learning in the school, or in the DVD training examples! Included are instructions for installing tint on home and office flat glass. We give you a lot of information to help with business plans and strategies for your advertising.


With Money by the Minute Fast Track 14 DVD Training Program

some of the techniques you will learn are listed below:




-Microedging and the new shaved borderless edge for a factory look on your work-
-Cutting and installing patterns for an exact fit on door windows and rear side windows-
-Cutting and installing basic windows without using a pattern to give you extra speed-
-Overcoming obstacles on windows that pop open and close with hinges-
-How to install side windows perfectly without wasting time removing door panels-
-Proper edge sealing to prevent window tint from peeling-
-Cleaning methods to save you time and give you excellent results on side windows-


Be your own boss -- Make as much money as you want


-Wet and dry powder shrinking for installing curved rear windows is one piece-
-Reverse rolling installation method for handling large pieces of tint by yourself-
-Relief cuts & seamless installations for difficult rear windows help you get the job done-
-Learn how to tint rear windows with black dot edges and rubber edges-
-Proper cleaning techniques for flawless rear window applications-


-Help with business plans and strategies for your advertising-
-Instruction manual for later reference on what was covered in your training-

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Purchase all 14 DVD's at once, with or without

starter tools or window tint.



Purchase DVD's one at a time as you make

your way through the training program.

Supplement your existing knowledge and

skills with new, updated techniques and



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How to make borderless shaved edges!! 

Overview of our DVD Training Program

  1.  Introduction to Tinting

  2.  Wet Shrinking Rear Windows

  3.  Tinting Unframed Roll-up Windows

  4. Tinting Framed SIde Roll-up Windows

  5.  Dry Shrinking Basic Rear Windows

  6.  Tinting WIng and Set Windows

  7.  Two Piece Rear Windows

  8.  Door Windows with Problems

  9.  Tinting Harder Rear Windows

10.  Even More on Rear Windows

11.  Removing Window Tint for Extra Money

12.  Our Advice on Starting up Business

13.  Introduction to Film and Vinyl Graphics

14.  The Cutting Room Floor