Do you presently own a STEREO SHOP, DETAIL SHOP, GLASS SHOP, or any kind of AUTO ACCESSORY BUSINESS?  Want to increase your company's present sales?  Want to quit sending money out the door to other installers?


Auto Window Tinting

  • It is the Perfect Marriage with any type of auto accessory business or any business dealing with autos.
  • The Customer Base is already established.
  • A lot of Expenses are already being paid: the rent, utilities, etc.
  • The Additional Advertising cost in none to minimal.
  • Auto Window Tinting is one of the fastest growing , high profit products available in hte auto aftermarket today!
  • Dollar for Dollar, there is no other product that will improve the looks of a wholesale or retail customer's auto than window film.  
  • Demand for Qualified Distributors and Installers have always been high.  In recent years, the industry has been unable to keep up with the exploding popularity of auto tinting!
  • Shortages of Installers have severely limited the number of autos some shops can take in.
With our Training program, you should be able to leave with fresh knowledge and skills needed to apply tinting to one or two autos a day, depending on the type of cars.  This is a starting point that would take nine months or more to reach in a work apprentice program.  Becoming a professional in this business is like learning to fly an airplane; like a pilot, after learning the correct techniques and methods you need to use them regularly getting better every time. 

We can teach you in six days skills that can take you above and beyond all of your expectations.


  • THERE ARE MANY HOURS of training on the different techniques and methods needed in tinting auto windows.  From the basics of how to tint a roll up window to the different methods of heat forming compound curved windows.
  • TEACHING AND DISCUSSING the consolidating of the businesses together making it as efficient as possible.
  • A TRAINING MANUAL to take with you.  The course is taught with tis same manual.  A great resource guide for years to come. 
  • CHOICE OF DIFFERENT PACKAGES containing just the basic tools used in class or the complete set of tools and starter pack of window tinting (Contains everything you will need to get started tinting autos after your training.)
  • ACCESS TO OUR HELP ADVICE LINE 888-4040-TINT open 9am till 8pm Monday through Saturday (PST)  This gives most of the country ample opportunity to use this service late into the evening.
  • FREE ADVERTISING ON AutoWindowTinting.com's Shop Locator which lists all of the shops in the United States.  We can even build your Web Site.